Our Mission is to give business owners the confidence to grow their business.

Pro Veritate is a Melbourne based Virtual CFO practice helping owners of small and medium size businesses to sustainably grow.

We do this by ensuring you know where you stand financially, where you are heading financially and the steps you need to take to get there.

We provide a practical, hands on service unlocking hidden pools of cash in your business and helping you use your capital efficiently.

When we work with you and your business you receive:

  • a strategic advantage from use of a customised, flexible three-way financial forecasting tool.
  • the information you need to focus on the right operational areas for improving your business.
  • the information you need to prioritise the order in which to apply that focus.
  • a financial education and practical understanding on how to use your numbers.
  • an understanding of the likely financial outcomes from pursuing competing strategies.
  • a competitive advantage from using financial information to make well-informed¬†choices.

Pro Veritate’s founder, Michael Stapleton, is a pioneer of Melbourne’s Virtual CFO industry.

He is a founding member and Vice President of the Association of Virtual CFOs.

You will also find him as a regular contributor of articles to Smart Company under the “Lessons from the Big End of Town” series of case studies.

You can watch Michael explaining the who, what, how and why of a Virtual CFO in this appearance on Sky News Smart Money programme: