“To understand the truth about your business, you must understand its cash flow.”

Pro Veritate provides Virtual CFO services to owners of small and medium size businesses.

We specialise in helping you understand your business cash flow, linking  how your decisions impact on your cash flow.

We turn business plans and goals into financial forecasts.  We connect business owners to their numbers.  We use numbers as adjectives to describe the areas of your business that are operating well and those that need attention.  We help business owners make financially informed decisions.

With over 24 years experience providing banking services to businesses in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, director Michael Stapleton has unique expertise in business cash flow forecasting, cash flow analysis, understanding financial statements, and business forecasting models.

We offer an intensive, relationship-based service. We take the time to understand your business and your goals for it, review your financial information on a monthly basis, and show you how your business is progressing against its goals.

You can learn more about Virtual CFOs in this video: