How We Help You

The truth is in the cash flow

How We Help You

We help you find the cash you have hidden in your business.

Our experience is that many business owners are so busy running their business they don’t have time to step back and look at how their daily decisions impact their cash flow and progress towards their long-term goals.

We help you to better manage your business and reduce the incidence of nasty surprises.  Consistent with our philosophy of creating lasting relationships, we meet you each month, help you use all your financial information focussing on your business cash flow, highlighting its drivers and the link between your business decisions and cash flow.

The services we offer include:

  • Financial Modelling – the strategic advantage you need to grow your business sustainably.
  • Financial Control – the first step to using your information as a competitive advantage.
  • Business Insights – the information you need to improve cash flow, lower capital needs and grow.
  • Financial Education – we teach you how to use and interpret your information.
  • Making Choices – understanding the financial pros and cons of business critical decisions.
  • Lender Required Reporting – ensuring you report on time and in a manner understood by bankers.
  • Borrower Scorecards – a means for borrowers to track performance against lender financial covenants.