Our Philosophy

The truth is in the cash flow

Our Philosophy

‘Pro Veritate is a Latin phrase, which means “for truth”.

The name describes the importance of understanding your business’ cash flow, for if you want to know the truth about your business performance, you must understand its cash flows.

Equally, if you want your business to continue running well then you need to have a clear understanding of how your day-to-day decisions impact the cash flow.

After 24 years of lending money and providing banking services to companies of all sizes it is clear to me that there are many small and medium businesses with owners that are very good operators, but which create barriers to the growth and longevity of their business through an inability to make full use of their existing financial information.

Pro Veritate was established to provide a cost-effective solution to help owners of small and medium business use all their financial information.

The benefits from doing this include finding the cash that is hidden in the business and learning how to unlock that cash, identifying operational changes to the business from changes in your financial information, being able to fully understand the cash flow implications of your business plan, and improving your relationship with your financial backers.

Pro Veritate also describes the manner in which we provide our services. We want to create lasting partnerships with our clients. Trust is obviously a vital component of any partnership, which we earn by being truthful in what we say and do.