What We Do

The truth is in the cash flow

What We Do

We help owners of small and medium sized business find their hidden cash.

We do this by first helping you turn your business plans and goals into financial forecasts so that the cash flow consequences of those plans are clear.

We then work with you on a monthly basis, helping you interpret and use all of your financial information, understand how this information can be used to reveal what is happening to the business at an operational level, and keep you abreast of how your business is progressing against its plans.

Consistent with our belief that the Truth is in the Cash Flow, our underlying focus is to help you understand the factors that are impacting on the cash flow of your business.

We offer an intensive, relationship-focussed service, and take time to understand your business and your goals for it.

Our services are applicable to all businesses, but particularly to family-owned businesses that do not have their own in-house finance function.

We do not replace your accountant or bookkeeper. Your accountant remains a valuable and vital advisor to your business, and your books must be up to date to take advantage of our services.