Who Are We?

The truth is in the cash flow

Who Are We?

Pro Veritate was established in 2012 as an independent Virtual CFO practice.

We are one of the pioneers of the Virtual CFO industry in Melbourne.

Our founder, Michael Stapleton, spent 24 years lending money and providing banking services to small, medium and large companies in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Right from the start of his banking career, it was clear to Michael that there were a lot of really good small businesses in Australia but that most of them were not able to present, or use, their financial information to its best advantage.

Inevitably, this made accessing capital for growth difficult.

Michael wanted to find a way to change that and when his banking career finished in late 2011 he set about establishing Pro Veritate.

The vision was to find a way to offer owners of small and medium size business all the advantages of having a Chief Financial Office (“CFO”) but on a basis and at a cost that reflected the needs of your business.

And so, the Virtual concept was born.

We are the CFO you have who may not always be physically on your premises, but is always available to you.

Michael is a founding member and current Vice President of the Association of Virtual CFOs.

He is a regular contributor to Smart Company, writing case studies under the “Lessons from the Big End of Town” banner.