Borrower Scorecards

The truth is in the cash flow

Borrower Scorecards

When you borrow money from a bank or financial institution to fund growth you invite a powerful partner into your business.

It is another relationship that you need to manage.

When you get things wrong with your bank you can put your business at risk.

At the very least, you will be significantly distracted from the running of your business, by having to answer and satisfy questions from your financier.

Stay in control of the relationship with your bank.  We will help you understand and quantify:

  • how far your sales or margins can vary before you stop complying with your loan financial covenants.
  • the changes to the key drivers of your business that would breach a financial covenant threshold.

Our financial model, along with our data organising and reporting tools, will help you stay in compliance with your business loan financial covenants by creating a scorecard to predict your business performance against those covenants.

We can show your trends in performance against your financial covenants to date, and provide you with information about how far key business drivers need to change before those covenants are at risk.

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