The Value of a Virtual CFO

Posted by on Jan 23, 2018 in Working Capital

The truth is in the cash flow

The Value of a Virtual CFO

Last week, I was talking to Bankwest about working capital management.

Most readers will know by now that working capital is a particular interest of mine.

This is because working capital is the biggest single use of a trading business’ cashflow.

So, by efficiently managing working capital, a business owner will release cash.

Cash that can be used to fund growth.

Cash that can be used to give you, the owner, more control of your business.

Cash that can be used to pay a dividend.

A Virtual CFO is a uniquely cost-effective and flexible resource available to business owners interested in being more self-sufficient, confident about taking a risk and building a sustainable business.

My job is not to tell what to do, or even what not to do.

My job is to help you understand the likely financial outcome of your business choices.

I am your partner, not your keeper.

If you are wondering about the value a Virtual CFO can bring to your business then take a read of the conversation I had with Bankwest – there are some great tips on managing working capital that you can implement straight away.

If you’d like more individualised help, please contact me.