The truth is in the cash flow

On this page is a selection of the tools developed by Pro Veritate to help you understand the truth about your business cash flow. These are simplified versions of some of the tools that we use. They are intended to show you their flexibility and usefulness. Please do download them and explore their functionality.

There are two versions of each tool available for downloading. Select the one that corresponds to the version of Excel you use. These models were built using Excel 2010 and will work best with that version of the software.  Whichever version you download, you will need to ensure your Excel programme is using the Analysis Tookpak Add-In.

Each model has detailed instructions incorporated into the file, including how to apply the Analysis Toolpak in Excel, but if you are having trouble understanding those instructions, or getting them to work, then please Contact Us.

Annual Forecast Model

The Annual Forecast Model is used to turn your business plans into financial forecasts, show you the impact of taking on a new, large customer or acquiring another business, stress testing compliance with bank financial covenants, updating forecasts for real world changes in real time, etc.

Annual Forecast Model Excel 2010 Version (192KB)

Annual Forecast Model Excel 97-03 Version (323KB)

Inventory Optimisation Model

The Inventory Optimisation Model is used to determine the optimal inventory order quantity, taking into account discounts and delivery costs, and trading off against holding costs.

Inventory Optimisation Model Excel 2010 Version (586KB)

Inventory Optimisation Model Excel 97-03 Version (760KB)

Investment Evaluation Model

The Investment Evaluation Model is used to help compare investments in capital appreciating assets (such as land and buildings) to determine which is the best investment from a cash flow perspective. This model allows you to compare investments of different amount and time frame on a consistent basis.

Investment Evaluation Tool Excel 2010 Version (614KB)

Investment Evaluation Tool Excel 97-03 Version (859KB)